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Can I use a scooter to commute to work?

Is it a good idea to commute to work on a scooter?

Scooters have many advantages over cars and SUVs, but should they be used to commute to work?
Two of the main advantages of scooters over regular-sized vehicles is fuel economy and ease of parking or storage. Using a scooter can also save if you normally pay tolls with a car or SUV.
In addition to those gains, using a scooter to commute can also add some flexibility for one-vehicle families. Using a scooter can free up the other vehicle for a fraction of the cost that it costs to own and operate a second vehicle.
People who commute on a scooter also report some mental benefits. Riding a scooter to and from work may help relieve some stress. Most people who use scooters ride the ride invigorating and the traffic less restrictive.
While there are benefits and advantages to using a scooter to commute, there are some questions you have to answer before taking the plunge.
Issues such as the weather in your area, as well as the road conditions and the length of the commute are questions to consider when making a decision whether to use a scooter to go to and from work.
If you are the type that rather take their car to go a short distance in the rain or cold, using a scooter to commute may not be best for you. Commuting with a scooter may be best suited to someone who enjoys the outdoors and a reasonable varieties of temperatures.
The length of a commute and the roads used may help you make a decision. If your commute involves roads with heavy traffic or a long distance, it may be best to stick with a four-wheel vehicle instead of a scooter. A shorter, “simpler” commute may be best for a commute on a scooter. Remember, riding a scooter is more demanding than just sitting in your SUV and listening to your favorite music.
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