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Is a scooter safer than a motorcycle?

Are scooters safer than motorcycles?

Just like their larger two-wheeled relative, the motorcycle, scooters are a mode of transportation that are driven through heavy traffic, especially in southern California.
Are scooters safe?
Scooters are smaller and usually slower than a traditional motorcycle, but do those differences make them safer?
The short answer is, despite the smaller size, smaller engine, and slower speed, scooters are just as dangerous as motorcycles.
With scooters typically being lighter in weight, smaller in size, and having a smaller engine, you may think that a scooter must be safer because it isn’t as heavy or can’t go as fast as a motorcycle. However, scooters are considered just as dangerous as motorcycles, as they both are two-wheeled transportation and ride through heavy traffic.
Though scooters go slower than motorcycles, the risk of injury or death is still present. Studies show that there were more speeding-related deaths on roads with speeds limits of 35mph or lower (where scooters can be ridden) than on over 55mph interstates, according to https://www.motorcyclelegalfoundation.com/are-scooters-safe/

Both riders face the same risk

Riders on both motorcycles and scooters face the same risks. Both face traffic, and road conditions. Motorcyclists and scooter riders both have to ride through rain, wind, blinding sun and face roads with pot holes and much larger vehicles.
Three important factors specific to scooters, prove dangerous. Those factors are: scooters have smaller wheels, scooters are less visible, and riders tend to wear less safety gear than motorcyclists.
The smaller wheels on a scooter are less stable on the road and are more susceptible to react to road hazards such as pot holes. debris, and bumps. Motorcycles are usually hard to see in traffic, but scooters, which are smaller, are even harder to see, especially when surrounded by heavy traffic. Since scooters are not widely recognized as a true commuter vehicle and travel at a slower speed, riders sometimes do not wear the proper safety gear. Some choose to ride without a helmet, proper jacket, pants, or the correct protective footwear. For instance, you may have noticed that at scooter rentals at a beach or resort. Those running the rentals do not normally ask for a motorcycle license or if the rider brought proper safety equipment. Riders without the proper safety gear are more at risk.
Though they are smaller, slower and “cuter” than motorcycles, riding a scooter is as dangerous as riding a motorcycle.
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