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What safety equipment is needed for a scooter?

What scooter safety gear should I buy?

Scooters are lighter than motorcycles and travel at a slower speed but that does not mean that riders do not need to wear gear to protect themselves. The right gear can be the difference between life and death if an accident occurs.
There are six pieces of safety equipment that every scooter rider needs to put on before starting out, according to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.
They are:
*Helmet. Wearing a helmet alone can help you escape serious injury in case of a crash. It is estimated that wearing a helmet alone prevents 37 percents of crash deaths among motorcycle riders.
Make sure your helmet fits correctly, you don’t want one that’s too big or too small. For the best protection, consider a full face helmet which also cuts down on rider fatigue and wind noise. Look for the Department of Transportation sticker that certifies that a helmet meets federal safety standards.
* Proper eye protection. Make sure you have an approved shield on your helmet, or shatterproof goggles or glasses. Sand or rocks can cause serious damage if you are not wearing the proper protection.
* Jacket. A jacket can prevent road rash if you are thrown off your scooter. While leather provides the best protection, jackets are also made of denim, nylon, or corduroy.
* Pants. It is best to wear pants made of a thick material, like leather, that is close to the body. Pants, can keep you warm in the colder weather and protects your legs from rode hazards.
* Gloves. Gloves are extremely important to help you maintain control of the scooter as dirt, sweat, rain, oil, and other materials could make handlebars slippery. Gloves should cover the whole hand and should be made of leather.
* Boots. Strong leather boots that go over the ankle are the best protection for your lower extremities. Seek out rubber soles with a good tread design.
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