Statistics Show Motorcyclists Are In Danger On The Highways

Every year the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration totals up the amount of motorcycle accidents. They do this in cases where riders were injured and riders that have been killed. For the year of 2006 there were 4,810 motorcycle riders killed while riding in solo accidents and traffic accidents across the nation. These areas include Reseda, Pomona or the Palisades, for example. After the 2006, death rates, there was a report done that was published in October of 2007 by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

This report showed that riders wearing helmets were 16 percent less likely to sustain severe head injuries, over riders that were not wearing helmets at the time of their accident. Another thing that their studies showed was that approximately half of all these fatal motorcycle accidents involved other vehicles. Factored into this information were the riders that were speeding, the fatalities were double that of drivers or passengers in vehicles.

Statistics show motorcyclists are in danger on the highways, and the danger can come from several sources. Drivers are not always aware of how their driving can affect a motorcycle rider or in many cases the driver claims to have not seen the motorcycle prior to colliding with them. Then there are problems with the roads; debris on the road or uneven pavement traveling at highway speed on two wheels can be a hazard to the amount of control the rider has. This leads to many accidents, because traveling on two wheels in comparison with four is much different when it involves things like gravel on a curve, or uneven pavement when changing lanes in traffic.

These statistics show motorcyclists are in danger from more than the average rate of vehicle accidents, the injuries are much more severe and the elements that can cause an accident are different. Riding is something many people enjoy, it gives them a feeling of freedom and in today’s economy many people are finding it one way to save money on fuel costs. But, at what cost to them if they become one of the statistics for the year?

When you are involved or a family member has been involved in a motorcycle accident in Reseda, Pomona or Palisades, that means there will be medical bills, lost work and other expenses. There will in many cases be permanent injuries that could keep the injured rider from working or need to be trained for a new type of employment. This can be a tragedy on top of the devastation, and this is why there are experienced advocates that are committed to helping the fallen rider begin to heal.

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