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Motorcyclists Classified on Gang List by the FBI

Getting Hit on a Motorcycle Is a Real Possibility on California Roadways

Do you own a motorcycle and live in the United States? According to a recent interview with government official Darrin Cornia, you are on an FBI profile compilation, that is being compiled regularly, that classifies you as being in a motorcyclist “gang.” But wait, not so fast, Snopes says the Jeremy Lancaster, MSNBC correspondent interview is FALSE (Read Here.) The allegedly bogus story is with Darrin Cornia, who allegedly holds a position in the National Security Branch of the government.

The story goes that: Lancaster outright asked Cornia if he were to make the assumption that all registered motorcycle owners were on an FBI gang list would it be a true or false statement. The government official said that it would be a true statement and that the FBI has been collecting information on motorcycle owners and placing them on a classified gang list. The FBI uses Department of Motor Vehicles Drivers License Division records to help in complying this list by adding motorcycle owners since 1994.

In explanation, Cornia said about the collecting and use of the data “We may not like to admit it, but the truth of the matter is those that own and operate motorcycles are 67% more likely to be involved in illegal or criminal activity over those that do not operate motorcycles.”

Cornia compared motorcycle owners collection of information with firearms owners, stating the police officer pulling someone over has the right to know this information prior to the interaction. He went on to say the situation with motorcycle owners is the “same and interchangeable in the eyes of National and Homeland Security.”

Another question by Lancaster to the government official during the interview was if putting all motorcycle owners on a gang because they have them registered, is it considered profiling. In answer to the question, Cornia said “as a nation do we complain when we add someone that has a Crips or Bloods tattoo to a gang list, even though the individual swears up and down they don’t have gang affiliation? Again these are 2 situations that are interchangeable, we can’t pick and choose.”

Lancaster questioned what other consequences besides being on an FBI gang list there is for motorcycle owners. For example, what options are there other than notifying law enforcement? Also, Cornia stated that the owner or operator of a motorcycle can have this information show up on select background checks of potential employers.

One question asked by the interviewer was how registered motorcycle owners or Class M licensed individuals can find out if they appear on the list. The answer by Cornia was did you hold a Class M license or register a motorcycle between 1994 and 2015? Ok, so now we know that Snopes says it is not true. But we also know that Snopes is not always correct. So we are asking members of the public to provide us more details as soon as possible.

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