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Motorcycle Laws In California

What are Some Laws Explicit to California Riders?

There are several laws in California that apply explicitly to motorcycles and the owner of a motorcycle should understand these laws and abide by them. These laws are in place to prevent injuries and death and abiding by them will also help the motorcycle owner avoid traffic citations.

A list of the most important motorcycle laws are:

Licensing and Permits—In the state of California, a permit and a license is required to operate a motorcycle on the roadways. Not having a permit or license can result in a citation and in the event of a motorcycle accident it can affect the ability to collect compensation when injured

  • California Helmet law—California is a state that requires riders to wear a helmet that is approved by DOT, this is the State Department of Transportation, and the helmet should also comply with FMVSS 218. The wearing of a helmet helps to protect the rider and passenger from serious head injuries or death in the event of an accident.
  • Leathers and other Protective Wear—There are no laws in the state of California that require the wearing of leather protective jackets and pants or other protective wear. While it is not required, it is wise for riders to wear protective clothing and goggles or full-face helmets. These items can protect the body and the face from road burns and other injuries in the event of an accident.
  • Splitting Lanes—Splitting lanes is legal in the State of California, when done responsibly.
  • Negligence and Compensation—When a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident their behavior during the accident can affect the amount of compensation that could be awarded. If there were violations of the California motorcycle laws this could reduce the amount of compensation that could be awarded.

Ehline Law Firm | The Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Michael P. Ehline and the Ehline Law Firm offices are among the experienced motorcycle accident attorneys able to assist injured clients receive the compensation they deserve. To fully represent a motorcycle accident victim it not only takes skill and knowledge of the California motorcycle laws, it also takes someone with riding experience to build a strong case

When building a case we not only look at the laws, but we also investigate the accident and injuries using experts. We will discuss the case with the client and the possible compensation that could be awarded. Even in the event the California motorcycle laws were violated it is still possible compensation can be awarded.

When we accept a clients motorcycle accident case we use all of our experience and experts to ensure the case will receive the compensation the injured victim deserves.

Ehline Law Firm can be contacted at 888-400-9721 or by e-mail.

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