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Important Motorcycle Accident Information

When a motorcycle accident occurs it is often the fault of a motorist that failed to see the motorcycle in time to avoid a collision. After a motorcycle accident by contacting an experienced motorcycle accident attorney the injured victim or their family will be able to learn about their options.

The Legal Information After A Motorcycle Accident

When a rider has been involved in a serious motorcycle accident there are legal questions about recovering compensation for injuries and how much the case is worth.

Harleys are Great Bikes. Now let’s Make it Safe for Riders

These questions can be answered during a consultation with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney Michael P. Ehline. During this consultation, the facts about the accident can be evaluated and the legal process explained to the injured victim. This will include information about how the building a case to recover compensation.

General Legal Facts

Motorcycle Accident Facts

The sale of motorcycles increases each year and motorcycle riders with registered bikes have increased 51% during the years from 2000 through 2005. The year 2006 there were more than 1.1 million motorcycles sold in the United States.

With these statistics of the increase in motorcycle sales and riders, riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous undertaking every time the rider is on the road. This is because unlike other vehicles the motorcycle has two wheels and offers no protection for the rider and passenger. The only protection for the rider and passenger is helmets and any protective clothing they might be wearing in the event of a motorcycle crash.

So this is unlike a vehicle that has metal surrounding the driver and passengers, seatbelts and airbags. When a motorcycle rider has wrecked in an accident, they need an experienced personal injury attorney. And this should be one that also has experience with motorcycles. At the Ehline Law Firm offices in Greater Los Angeles, California, the motorcycle accident victims’ legal options can be explained.

Some Of The Common Reasons For Motorcycle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can be caused for many reasons. And motorcycle accidents can be caused by these factors and some other factors. In some cases, the motorcycle rider is at fault. But in many cases, they are not other drivers are often at fault. There are specific reasons why some accidents occur. Often, drivers often do not see a motorcycle because of its size. So even when checking their mirrors before changing lanes, the motorcycle might not be seen. Motorcycle and vehicle accidents often occur during left-hand turns, where the driver does not see the motorcycle making the turn.

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can be serious and the injured victim should speak with an experienced motorcycle attorney about the legal options for the accident you have had.


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